The Puget Sound Osteoporosis Center (PSOC) was established in 2001 to conduct clinical research trials in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and to participate in research that benefits women’s health. Prior to its inception, the PSOC was the Osteoporosis Research Unit at Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed). In an effort to more accurately reflect the overall mission of the PSOC, a name change to Puget Sound Bone Density & Clinical Research Center was initiated.

Our Mission:

  • to conduct ethical, patient-centered clinical trials and research
  • to promote public education and awareness of osteoporosis prevention and treatment
  • to complement and assist physician/primary care provider practices
  • to make bone density tests accessible, including no-cost service to those patients with limited means
  • to find more effective and efficient ways to measure bone density
  • to provide state of the art body composition measurements
  • to provide and maintain an Osteoporosis Support Group

Susan M. Nattrass, OC, PhD, CBDT is the Director and Primary Investigator for Puget Sound Bone Density & Clinical Research Center.